Hi! My name is Wilbert Liu, and I live in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. I’m a people person that thrive to design and engineer products that matter. Though I look like a nerd, I'm actually an ambivert. I believe the world could be better when we think less about competition, and more about collaboration.


Freelancer (Jul ‘15 - Dec ‘17)

iOS Engineer, Remote

I worked on enormous amount of iOS projects using Swift and very few of Objective-C.

AbraResto (Dec ‘13 - Sep ‘15)

Senior Software Engineer, Remote

I was the first few engineers on the team and worked closely with the CTO and design director. We built a food discovery platform using Ruby on Rails. I also solo-coded the 1st version of the iOS app using Objective-C.

Ice House (May '13 - Nov '13)

Software Engineer, Jakarta

I involved in few teams to help them build Android apps for Wego and Uniq, also Ruby on Rails referral site for Guvera.

Gameloft (Jan '12 - Dec '12)

Senior HD+ Game Programmer, Yogyakarta

I worked on Android projects that mainly focused on in-app purchase transaction management and memory optimization using Java and C/C++.

Gameloft (Jan '11 - Dec '11)

HD+ Game Programmer, Yogyakarta

I became a member of the first HD+ team in the company to work on some Android projects with Java and C/C++. In between there was some Mac projects with Objective-C and C/C++.

Mitra Integrasi Komputindo (Jul '10 - Oct '10)

Associate IT Specialist, Jakarta

I helped my team to make enterprise banking apps in Java EE that involves performance optimization as its main concern.

Pusaka Jaya Informatika (Jan '10 - Jun '10)

Software Engineer Intern, Yogyakarta

I solo-coded online brochure platform using Flex 3, ActionScript, and PHP for the back-end.